How Does A Central Air Conditioner Work?

How Does A Central Air Conditioner Work?


We all know what a central air conditioner is. But, for those who do not know, a central air conditioner is a machine that makes sure that the entire room, home or office completely ventilated. Here is an analogy that you will understand clearly; a central air conditioner is like a giant refrigerator that will cool down your home or office. These machines are indeed very popular in office spaces, than compared to homes. There are many things which are similar to a refrigerator, including the fact that there are liquids and gas that travel through coils and tubes. The central system has also been known for eliminating smell at home.

The air handler has been known to be located in the attic or the basement. The furnace is always in the basement because it is not exactly safe to have such a machine that creates copious amounts of heat, above ground. The A/C pumps out chilled air throughout the entire house and uses air ducts to do so. A furnace utilizes the same system during a season where the heating is required. There is certainly more than one thermostat in the house, and this would serve as a controlling system for the temperatures that rise and fall in a room. is THE place for you if you are looking for reviews.

A central air conditioner, as we all know, runs on electricity, just like almost all appliances in a house nowadays. When summer arrives, you know that it will definitely run a lot and will undoubtedly start consuming a lot of energy. Therefore, the efficiency of the air conditioner can be an incredibly important feature that we will have to take into consideration. When and if you are purchasing a new air conditioner, it means that you are choosing one that is made to be energy efficient and also made while keeping sizes of the rooms of your house in mind. The thermostat signals the A/C and tells it to lower the air temperature, and this function begins a whole sequence of events that have to take place in order to make it so that it works perfectly. The site can be the solution for you.

sequence of events

Every air conditioner actually has three main parts, and these parts are the condenser, a compressor and also an evaporator. The typical system would be the split system, and compressor and condenser have been known to be located in the unit which is outdoors. The evaporator has been placed in the air handling unit, and when it comes to a package system, all are placed in one place, combined and this would be either on the ground or on the roof.

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